Friday, February 11, 2005


Today’s topic is quangos. Yes for those who haven’t been in the UK long enough or know enough about our politics, these are nasty little things.
The web definition of a quango is “QUAsi Non-Governmental Organization; an organization that is financed by the government yet acts independently of the government”

Some years ago, back in the dark days of the Thatcher era, she decided it would be a good idea to create these powerful, unelected bodies that would then preside over vast parts of the UK doing whatever they want, and us the people having no power to stop them. They spend vast sums of the taxpayer’s money and here is the good bit, we can’t get rid of them. They were initially created by the Tories, for their chums to have jobs, i.e. friends of high ranking ministers were given jobs for money, doing part time work, and for no real good either. When this current government came to power, they clearly stated they would get rid of them, well as this news item shows

Guess what, Tony and his friends have even more jobs now, seems old Tony wanted to reward the brown nosing friends he has, by giving them power over us, and as they aren’t elected we can’t get rid of them, unlike him.

To show just how stupid some of these quangos are, here are some mission statements from some of them

I give the link rather the reproduce, because I think the BBC might be a little upset if I just reproduced the material without explaining it was from them.

As those in the UK can explain, these quangos waste billions of pounds of the taxpayer’s money, they are unelected, and they are just another case of jobs for the boys, well thank you Mr.Blair for creating even more of these useless, wasteful bodies. One would think you must run out of friends eventually, but no, you are managing to create more of these quangos, wow, your day must be really empty if all you can do is dream up more quangos to cover areas which are already covered by those who are elected. Please tell me how much the members of quangos get paid, cause how much more money shall we waste.

It is amazing that the other main parties, the Tories and the Lib Dems say they will remove them, yet you are quiet, mmm, I wonder why that is. The sooner these useless bodies are gone, the better, we can either have tax cuts, or, which would be better, more money invested into the infrastructure of this country which is so so so needed, though you can’t see it can you Mr.Blair. Please put on a pair of glasses and not be blind to the problems around you, though sadly they start with you.

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