Friday, February 18, 2005


Nestle in their odd wisdom have decided to get rid of the Smarties tube.

They say it is a revamp and is to keep it fresh and interesting for youngsters. Maybe I am really out of touch with youngsters as Nestle call them, but I always thought that the tube allowed the youngsters to be creative, use their imagination, something which we accuse them of not doing enough these days.

I wonder if there will be a rush now to buy the last of the Smarties tubes before they are changed over. If I walk into a Woolworths or WHSmiths or Tesco, etc tomorrow will I find that all the Smarties tubes are gone, maybe I will do.

I don't see the logic, other than a bunch of marketing people were bored and thought, hey, how can we screw with a long tradition. I wonder if this will go the same way as Coke, when they introduced their new taste and then went, oops, we are going back to the old taste.....


Ian said...

I've stopped trying to understand marketing people ;-)

if you go into woolworths - grab me a tube. They're great for putting on a desk and karate-chopping, firing the lid at a co-worker (or fellow school student the last time I actually fired one)

Speakers Corner said...

Woolworths actually didn't have any, I checked today, lol