Friday, February 18, 2005

Movie Review - Creep

Well this is a very English movie, that there is no doubt.

It is for those that don't know set on the Tube (London Underground) and the labyrinth of tunnels, etc that exist down there, that people might not be aware of. It is not a bad thriller/horror movie, though I don't recall being jumpy at any point, or feeling caught off guard at any point. Now either I have seen too many thriller/horror movies, or it just takes more than the movie maker could throw at the screen.

It uses the old Jubliee line platforms and tunnels at Charing Cross, and yes if you check your tube map, you might think I am nuts, well before the Jubliee Line Extension, the Jubliee Line used to terminate at Charing Cross. Still a worthwhile movie and those interested in the happenings underground, you can see the work that another site did to show which parts of the underground were used for the movie -

You can also see more about the disused parts of the underground here -

Interesting reading for those who like to know what exists under our feet, and what those things are we pass on the tube, and all those bits you think, what is that platform doing there, when no one stops there ie Kings Cross.

Enjoy the movie if you like horror movies.

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