Thursday, February 24, 2005


32 it is just a number, yeah?

Well not today, today it represents another year older, another year wiser, well supposedly, let’s be honest here, lol.

As usual I went to the gym, when I swiped my card in as I always have to, the first bars of happy birthday came up instead of the usual beep, not what I was expecting, and for the staff to tell me happy birthday, was just a little unusual. I suppose it is good that they know their customers, etc, just wasn’t expecting that to happen, nice though

I feel better representing my birthday years in hexadecimal, at least in that it is 20, which makes me sound very young!!!

It is snowing in London, snowing on my birthday, I surely don’t ever recall it snowing on my birthday that is very different.

I haven’t got the birthday wish I was hoping for today, which is a shame, cause for the past few years especially I have always had lovely gifts and things that mean a lot to me, this year, not yet. I don’t see my birthday wish coming true this year, would have been a lovely wish to have come through.

Anyway, I intend to make the most of the day, drink it up, so I am off to make my birthday a plenty drink day, ciao

Update - I think today needs an Altered Images - Happy Birthday background noise for the day, seem appropriate, and yes that shows my age


Anonymous said...

happy birthday- did you get card and sms?

Speakers Corner said...

no sms received from anyone ;(

Ian said...

Happy birthday matey!

Sorry - I was in Redmond with no network connection till I got home and a very low battery on the phone!

Hope you're not too hungover by the time you read this!

Speakers Corner said...

Recovering slowly, lol. I think I am more of a lightweight than I ever thought.....