Friday, May 06, 2005

What a day!!

Well I awoke this morning to find that we were still to be governed by Labour, well New Labour or as some call them the red conservatives..... My hope that things might changed weren't met, oh well, another 5 years of this useless bunch of f**kwits.. And a note here to Labour supporters, it isn't 4 more years, in this country they can run between 4 to 5 years, it isn't like the US.

Another point on this election, how can this government be in power when only 36% of people voted for them, and how on earth did they end up with a majority of over 60, when they barely got just over a third of the vote, something is very wrong. To my knowledge that is a majority by the popular sense, okay, the Tories got about 33%, and yet so far behind and the LibDems, got about 23%, and got 62 seats. I think this election clearly shows that there is a big call for changes to the election, and that for the next one, that something is more representative of the vote. No government has ever had such a small amount of the popular vote. Sadly for me, the local MP kept his seat, even though he didn't deserve it, far from it.

For those who might ever want to keep an eye on what their MP is doing and saying, check this site

They work for you

My MP is Tony McNulty and he did nothing, so in the pocket of the government, a real Blairite

Anyway, that was enough to make me feel sick, seeing these losers having another 4 years, 8 years of waste and incompetence and given another 4 years, oh my god. And whilst on the point of Blair supposedly saying he would focus on the home issues, rubbish is all I can say. You haven't done so in the 8 years you have been in office, why would I believe you would do so now. You have made it clear you want to be remembered, and you focus on the international scene to get fame, well maybe you will be remembered as Thatcher was, as someone who we were glad to see the back of, and despised a lot, oh hang on, we already do see you that way. You want a legacy for your sakes, not for those who you govern over.

Enough politics, I had an interview today, and I am hoping that I got it, I think I did okay, not amazingly, but okay. I got on okay with the boss, and I can but hope that I get it, the company seem to be a good company and doing things I wish to do, so fingers crossed.....

What is it with chuggers, I walk out of the interview and in the space of 500ft or so, I am approached by 4 of them, I swear with me wearing a suit they see pound signs, I am unemployed, not rich, no money, I just have very well made suits, that I was lucky enough to be given in the past, and despite me looking loaded I am not, so please please leave me alone when I walk down the street.

This weekend is the Spanish GP, and sadly Jenson Button won't be driving due to the ban. To my mind there is a lot of politics going on and something seems odd about it all. There are rumours that an ex-employee shopped the team, but that seems odd, because to my understanding the FIA has to have complete knowledge of the car and all its parts, so they can deem it legal when it runs, so they must have known about the extra tank. What it does show that there is still too many grey areas within the regulations and they need to be tightened up considerably. It also means that unless a major miracle comes around, JB is off to Williams next year, as there is no way he will be able to have 70% of the championship leader by the end of July, beginning of August. Now will Williams want him, that is different, from a British perspective, I hope that they take JB, put him in one of their cars, and then have Davidson in one of the BARs, because he more than deserves a drive.

Had to clear out my dining room, as I have builders in the next two weeks, to fix the room, after the damp course was put in last year, and now the job has to be finished. I have someone in on Monday doing bits, and then the following week they are going to decorate. I can already the mess that is going to be created, does anyone know of clean builders, cause I haven't met any yet....

Whilst all that is going on, I have an operation for my wrist, if it isn't cancelled at the last minute, and if it is I will be less than pleased. Two plus years from the beginning of this process, and since August 2004 I have been waiting for the operation, I don't call that meeting targets, very far from reaching them.

This weekend is going to be a killer, I have an OU assignment to finish and I am so far behind, and I have to send it by Wednesday to get it in on time, I can see a hard weekend, and I am going to the VE Day concert in Trafalgar Square, as Z got tickets for it, there is going to be Will Young, Cliff Richard, and many others who I don't even know, as well as Doctor Who doing a reading apparently. Will write about it when it happens.

A long week over and I so need a break........

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