Sunday, May 08, 2005

HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy - Movie Review

Saw this movie last night and all the reviews I read didn't come close. If you liked the book, you will like this, if you enjoyed watching the TV Series back in the 80s, then you will like this as well. It is a very well made movie, plenty of laughs in it, and it is very much a quintessential English movie, but a good one though, not a stupid art movie.

The actors chosen were the right actors, you can only imagine Martin Freeman being Arthur Dent, having Bill Nighy is the right move, using Stephen Fry as the guide is spot on and Alan Rickman is perfect as the robot, there are also other voices done by very English comedians including Bill Bailey as the whale. There is also a cameo appearance by the actor who played Arthur Dent in the TV series as well, won’t say where, but those who remember the TV Series will know it.

I have to say a real congratulations for the makers of this movie, they chose the right people for each role, and they got it so right, I hear they didn’t quite stick to the book 100%, but were very close to it, still a well made movie and out of 10, I give it 10, I can’t fault the movie at all, you sit there and you really do enjoy the movie, especially if you enjoyed the book or the TV series. A must go see movie.

Now onto the issue of the cinema, my, firstly why do people think that they are exempt from having to turn off their mobile phones, is their life so so so important that they can’t switch it off for 90 plus minutes, come on, surely it isn’t that hard. Secondly, the food at the cinema, I gave up a long time ago eating the food there, I might get a drink, usually a bottle of water or something, but my god, the size of the food. I saw people carrying around buckets, and I am not kidding, an actual bucket of popcorn, a plastic bucket with a sealable lid for popcorn. My I missed that one, do people really feel the need and want to eat that much popcorn at a movie. It is quite funny seeing some people at the cinema, because some will have the bucket of popcorn, the XXXL size of coke or whatever soda drink it is, and then ice cream and hotdog, it is like they have gone out for a meal, that is how much food they are carrying. And we wonder why we are getting fatter as a nation. I know the small size these days is bigger than the XL was just 5/10 years ago, but come on people surely you don’t expect to eat all of that, and it might just be me, but boy that food stinks to high heaven, not a nice smell to experience when watching a movie.

I am looking forward though to some of the new movies upcoming – Star Wars, War of the Worlds. I think they look great and can’t wait to watch them

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an actual bucket of popcorn
an actually bucket of popcorn