Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Over the weekend, I started a Reiki course at my local college. Two weekends for the level one of Reiki. For those who don't know what Reiki is, this is the definition -

Reiki is a Japanese word to describe many healing methods. The course will cover Reiki history, how Reiki works, frequency healing with Rei and Ki energies, hand positions for self healing and healing others. Reiki and the law, biofeedback. The unique power of Reiki. Reiki as taught by Dr. Usui. Meaning of the word Reiki. The Reiki ideals. History of Reiki - Ancient and Modern. Releasing stress before Reiki. Hui Yin. Chakras. Grounding and protection. Kanji hand positions. Preparing onself, the room and your healee before Reiki.

This course I found to be very enjoyable, and I have already signed up for a level two course with the hope of doing a level 3 in the future when the college run it.

I have always been a bit of sceptic with anything that can't be proved, but as I have grown older, my views have changed and I am more open minded when it comes to situations and things like this. Through doing it ourselves and doing exercises, I found it to be working and actually happening, I can't say that I wasn't surprised, especially by the fact I was sweating a great deal and my hands getting very hot and turning so bright red, I look like a radish.

I have been practising since the lesson, with little success, but I know I have to keep trying as it will happen, it wasn't a one off I know it. It takes a lot of work, and isn't an easy thing to do, healings can take a while, and it requires patience, and time. Most healers it seems also gain some benefit when healing another person, so that is good. Though being a level one, means I would have limited success in healing, but I can try which is the main thing.

I was very lucky at the lesson, as I had a notetaker taking notes making it easier for me to concentrate on the speaker whom made the lesson very interesting and a good laugh which is the most important part of it.

I am looking forward to doing part two of the course, getting the book and my certificate as well. I am sure I can pass, I hope so anyway, given I have level two at the beginning of June.

A couple of sites for further reading

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David said...

Well done on the reiki, and I'm glad to hear you're going on to the other levels. But don't worry about being reiki one only, most healers tended to be that before the teaching became more widespread and cheaper, and all it means is it takes longer to do the healing and it has to be hands on. Reiki is the same for healing, level two adds speed and distant healing, and officially masters level adds the ability to attune others, though people may report extra results as well. Keep posting your healing results, it would be good to know how you get on.

Speakers Corner said...

Thank you David for your comments. I managed to complete level two, which I will write up soon hopefully. I did a bit of beaming, distance healing as well, and the attunement for level two was much more emotional for me than level one was. Despite the fact I wasn't sure I was having success, I did a good healing in the lesson, and so I know it will require more practice.
I have a few people I know who want some healing, so it will give me a chance to practice.

I presume you have been doing Reiki for some time then?