Monday, May 09, 2005

VE Day Celebrations

Yesterday night I went along to the VE Day celebrations in central london. It was not too bad, didn't recognise most of the people who were singing or playing, call me out of touch, but the only ones I knew were Will Young and Cliff Richard, the others I didn't have a clue. Z knew them more than I did and I think that says it all really, that my age is showing. They had Christopher Eccleston doing a reading which was quite good, he had the same look as he does on Doctor Who, except he had a goatee which looked a little strange on him, and yes his ears do stick out a lot.....

It would have been a great night, but my god it was cold, it rained as well, thankfully not for the whole time, but after standing there for about 3 hours, me and Z had to call it a night, we were both very cold and I was freezing, despite walking around and trying to keep warm, it was too cold. Shame the weather spoilt it really. There was enough done to remember those who actions made it possible 60 years ago, and it certainly made me think of my two grandfathers who aren't here anymore and fought in WW2, one with the British under Monty, and another in the USAF based in the UK fighting the Germans.

There was apparently about 15,000 of us packed into Trafalgar Square, here is a webcam, so you can see them still putting away the stuff from last night

Trafalgar Square

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