Wednesday, May 18, 2005



It was with interest that I found a webpage that shows the absurdity of these ASBOs,
Extreme Cases of ASBOs

There was a court ruling yesterday that an ASBO wouldn’t be served on a grandmother who protests at Menwith Hill instead she is to be tagged

It makes me wonder what did happen to free speech and free will. ASBOs are such a blunt instrument and they really don’t make any difference, in fact I am beginning to get the belief that giving someone an ASBO, especially young people, is seen as a sign that they have achieved something, because they had to be served with an ASBO. The concern here that ASBOs are being handed out left, right and centre and over things that are so minor, if you saw the first link, someone is threatened for making a joke about the Pope’s death, that is nuts.

The sooner it is realised that ASBOs are such a blunt tool being used for the wrong reasons the better. In extreme cases where there are people terrorising a neighbourhood, fine, I can see the logic, but it has already been proved that whilst in the short term an ASBO will make a difference in those cases, in the longer term, it doesn’t help matters, because those who had the ASBO served on them, aren’t forced to change, and not given assistance in helping them curb their behaviour. So where does it make sense?

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