Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Well the day is about to come, finally, after two years, I am finally at the point where I am going to have my wrist operation, can't believe it, but finally it is to happen. Tomorrow morning sometime after 8am and hopefully before 12pm, I will finally have the operation and I will have fixed a wrist that has been bothering me since it was fractured back in April 2003.

You have got to admire the NHS for the way they can drag something out. I was even asked a couple of months ago in a letter if I still needed the operation, like somehow it would magically heal itself. I think they were hoping I had dropped dead so that they didn't have to do the operation, and have another one on their list who waited longer than the 9 months you are meant to wait. Heck I waited 9 months just for the MRI scan of the wrist, let alone the operation.

Thankfully all I have to do is try and recover, and in a house where the very strong smell of paint is hanging around, as the dining room in my house is being done finally, later than I hoped for, but when someone isn't well, there isn't much you can do about it.

Just pray they use enough general anaesthetic to knock a rhino out, cause I always have in the past needed so much to get me out. I am hoping there won't be too much pain, if there is something tells me I won't be allowed any morphine, like I had with my operation for the cholesteatoma some years back when I was younger.


ian said...

Russ, Steve Austin just called me - he want's his arm back ;-)

hows the new wrist bud?

Speakers Corner said...

Well, they used enough anaesthetic to knock out a herd of rhinos.... There was a lot of pain, apparently I was screaming in agony after the op, not that I recall. I just remember coming round in the daycare unit, and being told they were keeping me in for the night due to the pain. Thanfully I recovered enough to get home that night.

Right now I have a very bruised left arm and a cast on the right wrist. Still painful, sleeping a lot, very incapacitated, typing with one hand. Stitches out in two weeks, then another 6 weeks with a cast, nice timing. I think I am more like Vadar than Steve Austin,lol

Thankfully I have had help, in particular from Nurse Z with baths, etc ;) I have also grown a beard also, given I can't shave,lol

Be glad to have my wrist back and working soon, not fun doing things one handed - cooking, cleaning, even the most basic functions are v.difficult.

ian said...

Yeah, I'm sure the help bathing must be the last thing you want. uh huh, yep, I'm sure you're really upset about that.

It seems your fingers are still rendered useless though - no updates in a while.

I'm off to la palma on thursday so if I miss you, hope you're feeling better and good luck on your first day (back) at work!

catch you soon

Speakers Corner said...

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the message.
Yeah, it has been difficult to do any typing, I am trying to do so now, but still awkward.

The bathing has been nice, no doubt, just missing the uniform.

I hope you enjoyed la palma, tell us how it was.

I will be glad to start work, not sure what they will say on my first day with a cast on my wrist, hopefully not a problem.