Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Threat to the London Eye

As reported in today's Evening Standard, there is a serious threat to the viability of the London Eye, and it is all down to a trumped up Lord Hollick. This man who is the chairman of the South Bank, and the rent for the land one of the supporting structs is on was due to be £210,000 a year, but now the South Bank board are demanding £2.5 million. They are also threatening eviction proceedings if not resolved by July. Bear in mind this is for a plot of land that is just big enough to hold a single supporting struct.

What makes this worse is that the chairman of the South Bank board is Lord Hollick whom has the ear of the government after being made a Lord by Neil Kinnock made him a life peer in 1991. This lord who is obviously totally unaware of just how much of an icon the Eye is to London. You can't imagine London without the Eye anymore, it is such a part of the landscape. What is so funny is that the whole South Bank area has gained enormously with the Eye being there, that is why there is such a massive expansion going on in terms of shops and restuarants, all because of the eye attracting people to the area, and the area has the spin off from it.

You can imagine this turning into a real problem, and if enough people get wind of this, which I am hoping that the article in the Evening Standard will make enough people realise what is going on, and that a supporter of Labour and with the ear of the government wants to penalise London and take away on the star attractions in this city. If this idiot is allowed to have the Eye dismantled because of being so greedy, wanting a ten-fold increase in rent, then this will seriously affect London at a time when it can ill afford to lose such a star attraction. People as dangerous and short sighted as this man, should be removed from public bodies

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