Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Eurovision Song Contest

This Saturday, the contest is on, and I for one am actually looking forward to it, not because I think there will be great songs or that Britain will even win, it is more to listen to Terry Wogan give his comments on those participants. Yes he slams it and see the total political game that it is, and thus makes fun of it, with comments along the lines, well lets see who the Swedes will vote for, and what a surprise it is Finland, Norway, etc.

We don't take it seriously like they do on the continent, and how does Israel get in, which part of Europe are they in? I look forward to having a laugh at it

So go for it Terry, give it your best on Saturday, we shall wait and see how the political voting goes again, maybe we will end up with nul points again, like in 2003.

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