Wednesday, October 12, 2005

one exam down, one to go

One down one to go, finally got one of my OU exams out of the way. DSE212, so glad to have gotten it done. Didn't do too well I feel, mainly because after 15 minutes my operated wrist, my writing hand decided to give me extreme pain, and there was nothing I could do, but carry on, so for 2 hours more I soldiered on, and by 2 hours 15 minutes into the exam I could take no more and had to stop. Not bad I suppose given it was a three hour exam, and I am just hoping what I wrote made sense, otherwise, a wasted 2+ hours.

Right now I am saying I would just be happy with a pass, but I know me, if I got just a pass I would be very unhappy. So I am hoping I got at least 50%, though I think if I get between 50-70%, I would have done relatively well, given I hate exams at the best of times.

Have to wait until some time in December, but in the meantime, it is back to the books for the second of my exams on the 21st, for ED209 a subject which I and many others have come to detest over this year, as a right royal pain in the butt.

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Stuart said...

just came across your 'pain in the butt' comment on the ed209 course! as I'm presently bogged down on TMA6, I wholeheartedly agree! any tips on getting through this practical?