Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Last exam done

What a relief, it has finally been done and out of the way.

Got my OU ED209 exam finished and boy am I glad to have that over and done with. I pray I have done well enough to get the 40% to pass, because this course has left me more than sore mental, and it left me so bored by the end, I felt like throwing it all in.

Despite that, I have signed up for next year part, which is D317, for the last time it is running, and I am doing so that I can try and finish by the end of 2007. Got to save up first to afford the final year course, which is going to be at least £900/1000, so that won't be easy, but first things first and then I can see what happens.

Just be on tender hooks come December as to how well I did in the exams, was never the best at exams, but I just hope I did okay


Sam said...

hey how'd you go on with ed209? did u buy any revison aids etc? or just work through those nasty books?
im now doing d317....pain in the A**e but there you go....
had those wobbly tonsils out yet?

Speakers Corner said...

I passed ed209, not by a lot admittedly to my annoyance, but a pass is a pass, my exam is what let me down as I suspected it might.

I did buy the revision aids for ed209, I have even got the ones for D317 which I am doing like yourself. Which project did you choose for that, I chose the Kelly project, partly because in my mind the other options weren't that good, even Kelly wasn't.

My tonsils are staying in it seems until the back end of the year or there about, as anyone who uses the NHS knows, waiting lists are at least 6 months if not more, so it will be Christmas time I reckon by the time it happens, a wonderful way to spend Christmas.