Monday, October 24, 2005

London Underground - Overruning engineering works

I know these works have to be carried out, and it is with some relief that after years and years of not being done, it is now being done. But it comes with a caveat, the private companies doing them should be heavily fined if they overrun.

It is incredulous in this day that they are unable to keep to timetable, and are allowed to impact on the morning rush hour, like this morning where there were no Piccadilly trains until 7.30am, why because of engineering works.

I think the proposal of where the company is fined £100,000 for every 5 minutes overrun, will sharpen their minds and their attitudes to actually getting the work done as they should. Plus it also means that the Tube has more money to help compensate those who are severely affected by the delays, or if all runs well, there is a better service for the commuter.

In recent weeks the private companies who won the PPP contracts, have shown a complete and utter contempt for the fact they are supposed to be ensuring a service is run, not just doing what they please, when and if they can be bothered.

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