Monday, October 03, 2005

Good news for those going bald

For the likes of me who know their future is likely to be one of baldness, this article is a great hope, hopefully not a false dawn, but I pray I don't have the misfortune to become a slaphead when I get older, though highly likely with my family history.

Key gene 'may reverse hair loss'

As for anyone who foresees baldness happening to them, any chance to reverse it, even a little bit has to be a good thing, though with my hair being of the thin type in the first place, I can't imagine there will be a lot to recover anyway. Thankfully it hasn't taken too much of a hold yet, but I can see the years of receding hairline catching up until the point I either look like a monk, which I think isn't the style of baldness I will have, or a Phil Collins look. Rest assured I will not be doing a Bobby Charlton comb over, which previous generations of my family managed to do with way too much success.

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Ian said...

This would indeed be good news for Ian the receeding white..