Monday, October 17, 2005

iRiver h340

I have just got this player. I was a little unsure before buying it whether it would be the right player to get, especially with all the others in the market, what in the swung it for me was that it is meant to be the loudest one on the market and for someone who is deaf, that is a big big selling point. Which I should point out is very difficult to do now that EU has decided to ensure that players can’t be over a certain level of noise, well that is okay for those who can hear normally, but for someone like me, that stuffs me up.

I have only had the player a couple of days, so far, I haven’t upgraded the firmware, as it will mean the volume will be even less, and I am not aware of any hack I can do that will allow me to have the volume I have right now. On the player it goes from 0 to 40, well I am pushing 30/35 on most tracks. Z has listened to it as well, and found if it went above 20 it was too loud, a perfect case of my ears really being screwed, and whilst there might be an argument that I should have it low to protect my ears, a point that would be okay, if I could hear the damn thing on 20 in the first place.

For me this player is much better than the others on the market, what I found out just prior to getting it, is that it can play video and has been able to do so since May when the last version of the firmware was brought out, just I haven’t added that yet, might do, we will see. It is really nice for me, as I like the styling, it isn’t too bulky, it is just right, plenty of features, and as I am not a fan of Apple, it isn’t the iPod, so a big bonus for me.

This is the spec
iRiver h340

Another bonus is that it has a radio, which isn’t that common with a lot of players, though I know the creative player has one as well.

I am happy with it though and though I wish it was a little louder, I am told that others can hear it when I have it the volume I do, yet I don’t hear it too much, but I know if I had other players I would probably be even worse off.

If I was to recommend a player it would be the iriver h340, that is of course personal, and for me I am not keen to follow the herd, this stands me out as different and the fact it is packed with so many features in comparison to other players make me very happy of course.

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