Monday, October 03, 2005

Depeche Mode - Precious

A new release, got all three releases today, just, needed to rely on Z to get the DVD copy as the HMV near my work sold out of it. Not a fan of the new logo if I am honest, not sure what they are trying to get across but not something I like, but the music is more important.

Precious - Album Version – Very good, much better than some of the songs they have started with previously for an album release. Very smooth, not very rocky, more back to the electro style they are known for.
Precious - Sasha’s Spooky Mix (Single Edit) – Not my style, not a strong mix in my mind, maybe suits the younger people, with their love of the current style of music, but for me not a strong mix

Precious - Sasha’s Gargantuan Vocal Mix – Not much to say about this at all. I have to say the Sasha mixes are not one that have grabbed at all, but then I am used to the past mixes that DM had which were very good in most instances. They have dropped off a little in the past.

Precious - Misc. Full Vocal Mix – Of the mixes so far, this is the best one, but still leaves a bit to be desired, it is a shame, I had hoped for more.

Free – Not a bad b side, if you can call it b side these days.


Precious – Video – Like this video, quite geeky mind, a lot of computer graphics, but still like the look of the video. Not done by Anton Corbijn, which surprised me a little bit, not that I don’t like the video, I just still thought they had a close relationship with Anton and he did their videos like in the past.

Precious – Motor Mix – like this, good mix, actually, not too bassy, and an overall a good mix.

Precious – Michael Mayer Ambient Mix, another not bad mix, but can’t have it all.

I must say overall I think disc 3 possibly is the better of them all, but then that is just one person’s opinion. If you like DM a lot, then you would be wise to get all three, to add to your collections, but if you had to choose one, I would take the DVD BONG 35, as this is the better of all three.

Looking forward to the 17th October when the new album ‘Playing the Angel’ comes out. I think I might pre-order this, not 100% sure yet, but it would probably mean I would have to wait a couple of days to get it, but at least it would be cheaper than through HMV, Virgin, etc.

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