Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Complete smoking ban not to happen

Government farce with a smoking ban

This government has managed in its typical fashion to screw up what should have been possibly the easiest piece of legislation to develop and pass.

You ask the public, if they want a ban on smoking in public, and the large majority will say yes, so it isn’t hard to create legislation that makes that happen, surely. Well in this government, that is the case, it was too hard for them.

They tried to find compromises because of certain ministers whom happen to come from outside of England, and those ministers country’s are going to ban smoking, but because of said minister – John Reid being one of them, England and lets be clear about this, England is not going to have a smoking ban, instead it is going to try and bring in a mish mash of legislation that will mean absolutely nothing, and is going to be impossible to enforce.

I am really angry about this, because again this government has completely managed to throw away a good opportunity to do something with zeal and with a clear head, and give the people what they want. Why is it possible for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland to have proper bans, but due to a certain number of ministers not acting with the people in mind, we are to suffer further.

I hate going out and coming home smelling of an ashtray, because there are so few bars/pubs/restaurants in London that are smoke free, and what beats me is why it is that London can’t be like New York, Dublin, and San Francisco. Why it is that we are so far behind the rest of the civilised world, a city that is supposed to be a leading light, is being let down so badly by this government yet again. This government is showing how old and tired it is, and is badly in need of being changed and stopping the country being short changed so much.

For me, I am hoping that the Mayor will ignore this legislation and push for a complete ban in London, and get all those people who want to go out, but refuse to put up with the smoke, and being able to enjoy what London does have to offer. It should be a city where non-smoking is the default position, not the second option

Offical line from the government

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