Monday, May 22, 2006

Who steals recycling boxes and why?

Seriously who does, and why on earth do it.

This weekend this happened to me. Where I live in london, our council has fairly recently allowed people to recycle plastic bottles, and thus gave people the option to have another green recycling box, if they felt they would have too much to recycle in just one box, so that is what I did. Me and Z get through a lot of paper, cans, plastic bottles, etc, so we got one, well after 3 months of having 2 boxes, we now only have one because someone on Friday night decided to trepass onto my property and steal a green recycling box, that was full of material to be recycled.

I still don't get it, is there some black market in boxes or something, why steal something like that, it has no value surely and what a number of cans, plastic bottles going to get them money or something!!!

One thing I know for sure, if I ever had the misfortune to meet the person and they decided to come onto the property again to steal something else, I am sure I wouldn't have a problem in ensuring their light fingers became no fingers.

Hopefully the council will give us another box, otherwise our stuff is going to be overflowing again, and it just means the rubbish ends up going everywhere.

If anyone knows of why someone might want to steal green boxes of recycling rubbish, please tell me, I am interested to know.


Anonymous said...

Around here they make good plant pots apparently, there's no accounting for some people, a lot just don't use them and throw them away. My council is one the most successful in the UK for re-cycling, and they won't put up with lazy residents not doing it. Some just wait until dark then thrown everything in the nearest lay - by. I want these people made to clear it all up with their tongue.....

Speakers Corner said...

Throwing it a layby, seriously that is just pathetic.

I do like the idea of making people clean it up with their tongue, that would be very watchable, to see them struggle with it all, nice idea for a punishment, something very embaressing for them

Anonymous said...

Fridges are the worst. It costs £15 to remove them safely, about £2 for a cooker or similar, rather than pay that, they dump them. They should put a chip in them so the authorties can scan them and fine the dumpers.

Last week we woke up to find a 3 piece suite, a microwave, 3 doors, what seemed to be someones bins just emptied on to a hard standing/parking area. Every week the LA clears it up, every weekend there's more, this is a hard core response to recycling and a two week wait for emptying bins, they're saying up yours basically.

Speakers Corner said...

I am surprised the LA haven't put up cameras so they can see the number plate of the vehicle doing the dumping, then at least they would be in a position to prosecute the fly tippers.

I don't like people who do this, as you say it is basically saying up yours, and they impact on others.

Thankfully I have got my new recycle box, this time I am not putting out the front of the house until collection day. It seems I was not the only one hit, as many seem to have had their boxes taken as well.

There needs to be stiffer fines and jail sentences for fly tipping, as you say there are hard core tippers and they should be caught and taught a lesson.