Saturday, May 27, 2006

Passion for all things computers

This week, I was given a stark dose of reality, though I think I knew for some time, I just no longer have the passion for computers like I did. This came about because at work, there is a voluntary group set up and this group will be there to swap ideas on new technologies, new languages, new ideas, etc just to do with computers.

As the meeting went on more and more, I realised that I just don’t have the passion for computers as I did when I was younger, I heard each and everyone of the others in the group chatting, and the way they were talking, it is like they leave work and continue to spend even more time looking at computers, reading the languages, finding new gadgets, see what new technologies are coming, and it really dawned on me, my god, I don’t do that anymore. When I get home I don’t really see my computer I have anymore, except for email, this blog and maybe some sites. I for one don’t have time with my studies, and two I have no real interest and desire like I had.
I don’t want to come home and spend 4/5 hours in front of a computer when I get home, I want to relax, or do other things, and I think despite the fact I am a software developer and do enjoy the challenges and the work to some extent, it has become more of a job than a passion.

At some point in this group, I will have to make my contribution, but I really don’t have anything to contribute, which isn’t good of course, but do I even want to, that I can’t say I am sure.

I can’t say why I don’t have the passion I used to have, I can’t point to why. Does this disadvantage me in my chosen field, probably, should it though, no, but it will. Maybe this is the norm, maybe people go through this, but I am not so sure anymore, I think the fact might be, I either have less interest in it, or I simply am trying to find a new path, and that might be why I am doing my OU degree in psychology, why I am going to become a Reiki master by the end of today. Or maybe it is just a more rounding of a person.

If anyone has experienced this, or knows why this might be happening and can give their thoughts, be more than happy to hear them.


Klite said...

passion for work depends on the work/job. when your position at work is messed about by the company then you see the huge reality. the fact that other members choose to play geek after work shows they have lost touch with reality and maybe they should get a life. most of us do want to play with technology and ideas when we get home , yet with IT how many people go home on time. if having play with more computers/tehcnology when they get home helps everyone then why is IT in such a mess. work epitomises the worse of IT and is enough put people off when they go home. yet the IT toys at home epotimse the best things of IT. i work IT for one of the largest satelite broadcaster in the world. yet i hardly watch my free subscription.i go home and have conversations with the real world, I touch base with my pets and family. i even read more than i use to. most smart people have a rule outside work "no shop talk". its called maturity ! maybe your setup group should focus on blue sky research or real uses/need for technology

Anonymous said...

No point keeping up with IT advances, and the computer is just a tool anyway, like the mobile, who people say they cannot manage without, despite 2000 years doing quite well without either !

It has provided a means of inter-action for those who are limted in how they can get around, and in particular older people and the disabled, now near 37% of total users, for those more able then the computer is perhaps over-used by them,and for nothing really valid !

Do you KNOW the greatest usage of the internet is Porn, and game playing, not e-mailing and fiddling with blogs, turning out (Present company excepted), drivel and trivia mostly. Everyone has a voice perhaps not everyone is that interesting !

iceman said...

I'm in a similar-ish situation as yourself. I'm a software developer/ consultant, graduated 5 years ago. I started looking for another job within IT a few months ago and had a few interviews but backed out because either the companies didn't want me or I didn't feel it was the right move for me. I couldn't explain why and I'm not sure what I want to do next - stay where I am and then get another job in IT or move on a do something else....

I still have a passion for my job but can't help feeling that the "novelty" I got of developing software has worn off in the last 18 months or so.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the future interest is to make the net a more accessible place, I know many deaf people who may prefer sign language access say,there is virtually nil on the net. The next question being OK you got signed access, but the content is still crap !

The novelty has worn off a lot, most of that is down to lack of any real innovation on the net, it's like reading a telephone book mostly, except telephone books occasionally provide useful purpose.

Poor fools ! when the net was invented they took no account of the millions of those who later joined, but don't really know what to do with it except send an e-mail now and again, or develop a blog describing his or her favourite toadstool..... I may go back to writing letters with a quill....

Ian said...

I think I told you I went through the same thing a few years back. It's why I stepped away from full time Dev and moved to a more partner/customer focus. That way I get to interact with people rather than just punch at code all day. Of course its still tech related but its amazing how much more invigorating the 'real world' is, rather than some code-freeze target x number of weeks/months away.

If you wish to continue to not use your home machine for 4/5 hours a night DO NOT buy World of Warcraft!
If you do - I'm on the malorne server so join that one ;-)