Sunday, May 07, 2006

Blessed with bad luck the last few days

The last few days I have had what feels like the worse luck and today topped it off.

Back on Thursday, the headphones for my iRiver, my Sennheiser ones that I had bought specially broke, and I only had them for 6 months, much less than I ever expect them to last. So bloody annoyed, thankfully though Advanced MP3 Players who I brought the headphones from at the same time as the iRiver, were very good and I have sent them to be replaced, which is great service. Okay they cost £24, but I still expect them to last longer.

Then I ordered some new inkjet cartridges for my Epson c84 photo printer from Amazon, as the ink was about to run out. I put the new cartridge in, and the printer decides to give up on me. It no longer prints black, which is rather important. I contacted Epson, who to be fair to them gave me steps to try, so I could attempt to shift the problem, sadly not, so with OU assignments to get done, I now have printer, and this is after spending £90 on new inkjet cartridges, which means they are wasted, as you can't buy that printer anymore, and if I want the same printer, be a recon one, Espon will charge me £76. I am just better off buying a new one.

And lastly today, I went to the local shopping centre, and one of their escalators wasn't working which meant having to walk up the escalator, which normally wouldn't be a problem, but not with my luck. For some reason I slipped and being a normal person stuck out my hands to catch me and ripped up the skin on my left palm making more than pissed. What was worse was the attitude of the security person, rather than actually do anything, just shrugged his shoulders and said not my responsibility. Didn't even bother to get the manager when asked, I had to find the manager, and even prior to that didn't even think to say a word about me needing first aid.
Some people need not to be working and without trying to be rude, but it will sound it, so sod it. How can a fat person who struggles to walk, and not even be interested in doing his job be a security guard, surely the essence of being such a person means being able to run after people if they shoplift, or to actually bother to attend to someone who has an injury, rather than just shrug their shoulders.
Thankfully the manager had their head screwed on, and his first point of call was to get me first aid and then deal with the rest later. It was amazing how suddenly it went from being no security people around, to 4/5 of them watching what was going on.
Given my job, this isn't what I needed, needing to use my hands all the time, I prefer to be able to do that with no problems. I know I won't be able to do weights until it fully heals, not wanting to risk ripping the skin up again.

Like I say, this hasn't been the luckiest few days for me.

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