Monday, May 01, 2006

Reiki level 3

I am due to start my Reiki level 3 this coming weekend and whilst originally it was meant to be done over the weekends 22nd and 29th April, it was moved due to the college where I am doing the course managing to quite spectacularly screw up. This course has been booked now for over 10 months, and it was only at the last minute they went “Oh, we are shut for Easter over those weeks, we can’t have the course run”. So now I am due to start this weekend and also have the second part run on the last weekend of May. I am lucky that I am free both those weekends, otherwise I would have been more annoyed about it.

I am looking forward to doing my Reiki, it has been a while since I did, and whilst it is meant to be something that is used regularly, I have been wary of doing so for some months, mainly because when I have been doing it, I have found myself becoming drained, which is the exact opposite of what is meant to happen. I do recall previously when I was doing level 1 and 2, the tutor made clear we shouldn’t be feeling drained, if we do, it is because we are using our own energy, which is clearly not good. So hopefully on level 3, I will find a way to better tap into the Reiki energy and not my own, because that has been putting me off doing it, and I do wish to do it, especially as I have seen the results it can give people, it helped me a lot when I had my operation on my right wrist, to get through the sheer agony I was going through at the time.

With any luck, this will be even more interesting than the previous two courses, and I shall learn more about what it is all about and how best to use it


Sherry D.B. Deagle - Shihan (Reiki Master/Teacher) said...

HI there, I am a Reiki master but have only been practicing reiki for two years.... so I feel I still have lots to learn.

I wanted to comment on your feeling drained. I do not know for sure.. but I wanted to pass this thougth to you about what might be goign on.

When I was at my level 1 and 2 I also ahd many sessiosn where I felt completely drained, sick, tired, and cranky. This was NOT what I heard was supposed to happen in a reiki session at all!!

Reiki is the only energy work I have ever used, infact I couldn't even feel the reiki whenI first got it. So I know for a fact taht I could nto be using my own energy in healing... it's jsut not soemthing I could do or could even feel at that time.

This was a mystery to me for a logn time. But I kept dogin reiki and going to weekly exchanges. I noticed that after 8 months my health was improving.. but i still got bad nausia, twitchign legs and general lack of enegy after my treatments. My master and any research I did could not come up with any answers to why I was having, 'bad' reiki treatments.

At one point I was quite fustrated and yelled to Reiki... Why aren't you working! I got a clear message in my mind. Reiki said, it was working.. I was feelign sick, dpleated and nausious because my body was workign VERY HARD to heal istelf. I was in such a sick state that fatigue and nausia is just a natural outcome of such hard healing work!

Well I wanted to pass that thought to you. I don't know if this seems right for your own expereinces, but it felt right to me. Please tell me what you think!

Also my feelign sick and fatigued disapeared after 8 months!!! But near the end of those 8 moths I was doing reiki almost daily, and sometiems my sessions were 3 hrs long! This was all self treatment! I could not afford to pay someone for that much reiki! :-)

If you want, check out my Reiki blog... good luck in your 3rd degree... is that your master or shinpiden level for you?

Sherry from canada

Deaf Eagle said...

Just want to wish you best of luck for Level 3 Reiki.

Let you know that I have completed Level 3 Reiki three years ago.

Are you Deaf? Please let me know as we can communicate each other, learn something from each other.

John Savva

Speakers Corner said...


many thanks for your experience. It is sort of similar, I have found that for no reason sometimes I will just have a what seems like a very warm sensation in my hands, which is exactly like it is when I do the Reiki. And this is without me turning it on.

I have never done any other energy work, but I do recall my teacher saying that we had to ensure we were using Reiki energy and not our own, and thus that is why I am still concerned.

Hopefully on Saturday, he will be able to help me. I find him to be a very good teacher. When he did the last attunement, he said to be aware that it may cause some people to cry or react in ways they don't expect. That is exactly what happened to me, I just was very tearful and I still don't know why, can only put it down to a release from all the pain I was going through at the time from a wrist operation I had just had.

3rd level here, I am not sure exactly what that gives. I know level 4 onwards I think is teacher level. I was told there was I think 7 levels and very few are level 7, and if I make level 4, then that would be great, but I still feel I have a lot of healing to do on myself, as I have physically been through a lot in the past 6/7 years.

Speakers Corner said...

Hi John,

Many thanks for the support of my upcoming Reiki session.

I knew I recognised your name from Deaf-UK, of which I am a member as well.

I am profoundly deaf, use 2 hearing aids these days, still not found a decent replacement for the aid I used to have, which got stopped being manufactured. Hopefully my Phonak Savias will do the job.

I have to admit I don't know BSL, was never brought up with it either.

Did doing level 3 Reiki help a lot, did you find it help you physically, mentally, emotionally, and give you more energy, like I hear it does?

And did you progress to another level afterwards, and if so, how easy was it to find courses that allowed you to do that.

Sherry D.B. Deagle - Shihan (Reiki Master/Teacher) said...

Hi, I'm butting in..sorry!

About levels... I never heard of any modern-day reiki schools going over 4 levels! Usually there are 2 levels and mastership or 3 levels and mastership.

In my master studies I learned that way back durring Usui days, some of his Navy Admiral students told Usui that he should have levels. Usui then added levels to his Usui-do system that was based off a good friend who founded Judo... Cool huh?

Anyways there were about 9-10 levels and over the years the number of levels went down. If I dig out my master level, I could find that info if you were interested. But I have never heard of more tahn 4 levels in Modern day reiki.... If you find anythign out about that I'd love to know about it.

If you don't mind me asking... what school/lineage of Reiki are you under? My first two degrees were by the Reiki Alliance and the level3 and master by Threshold Reiki.

I had Reiki for almost 2 years at my 2nd level and I was told i'd have to wait 6 years before I could take my masters!!!!! Then I found an awesome master that taught me at long distance. I got my level 3 and it took 2 months and right after I took my master level which took me 3 months.

Oh yeah, also, My reiki will automatically go by itself too at times.. especially now that my body recognizes the energy, it's like when my body gets low of Ki energy it will just pull Reiki itself! Reiki is very reponsive to intent. If you are unsure what energy you are channeling, why don't you just state in you mind that you are only going to send reiki energy and no other. Tehn forget about it... reiki will automatically be channelled. This will work for you!

Thanks for letting me put in my 2 cents... I'll leave u alone now! :-)