Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lack of sleep and snoring

For the past 6+ months which is the time since my dear Z moved in, she has been saying I have been snoring and thus it affects her. My guess is that I have been snoring for a lot longer than that, and it is that until Z drops off at night my snoring affects her...

Well after seeing a specialist on Tuesday, he has recommended and put me on the waiting list to have my tonsils removed. Apparently it involves an overnight stay in hospital, which doesn't impress me at all, given how much I hate having to stay in, done in on previous operations for my cholesteatoma and I hated it. Then to top it off, I have to be off work for at least 2 weeks recovering from the operation, and basically become a prisoner in my own home, as I am not meant to go out, avoid smoking places (which is most of London), avoid dirty, dusty places (no tube travel then), avoid people who have colds, etc (most offices), and generally avoid the public.

Fantastic, really, honestly, I am so looking forward to it. I can't imagine what my boss is going to say, 33 years I am and my tonsils are to be removed, obviously needed, but even so, I have no idea how I can turn around to the boss, and go, I need to have an operation, I need to take two weeks off to recover as well, hope you don't mind.

I did ask for the operation to be pushed beyond October, as I have my OU exam in October and I am also under a pile of work at work, and thus timing would be bad, thankfully it deemed a routine operation, not urgent, probably because I don't have lots of crap coming out of my tonsils at this moment, but since I got glandular fever back was I 21, it has regularly been oozing rubbish at the back of my throat, so I guess it time to remove them.

Z has turned around and said I am not from this world, the amount of injuries, broken bones, problems with my health, she has suggested makes me not normal. In the past 7 years, I have quite a few operations for my wrist, my ears, now my tonsils, maybe this is just karma for something, who knows what mind.

All I know is that, when the operation is done, Z should sleep a little better, and so should I. I might actually wake in the morning feeling refreshed, which would be a major turn around, though I have a feeling it isn't so simple.


ian said...

Go Bupa. When I had my tonsils removed (18 I think - age, not tonsils..) they had lovely nurses in black and white nurses uniforms (rather obviously) offering me tea, toast and ice cream.

And you get your own room and sky tv.
Course, if you have Bupa coverage and opt to go National Health Bupa pay you serious money for each night you don't stay in a bupa bed, but in a NHS one.

Klite said...

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The Review Gal said...

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Speakers Corner said...

I wish I could go BUPA, I actually have it at work, well I paid for it, through the work scheme. Only thing is the list of exemptions is bigger than the list of things they will do and anything cover sleep, which this is to do with they won't do.
Sadly private healthcare in the UK has become a real lottery and most PPP/Axa or BUPA, etc usually have so many holes and exemptions it is worthless.

I would love to have lovely nurses in lovely uniforms looking after me, but I won't get ice cream, they changed that.

I think my main concern is convincing work to let me be off for two weeks sick recovering from the operation