Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Trip to Paris

In a week and a half I am going to see Paris for the first time. It is a place I want to see, and plus it is also a present for Z. She had such a desire to go there, and my first chance to get her there, as I had wanted to take her last July when the Tour de France was on, so she could see Lance Armstrong in the race, but as with many things, the timing was wrong, so we couldn’t go.

This time we are going away though for a long weekend. I just booked the Brasserie Balzar which is in the book “Paris To The Moon”. So if anyone has been there, please let me know if it is as good as they say.

I have the guide book already, a rough guide to Paris, a French phrasebook, which given my lack of languages shall be a difficult thing to use. I can see them getting quite upset with my pronunciation

The Eurostar is booked, the hotel is booked, looks really nice in the pictures, hoping it works out to be just as nice. I know Z will have a list in her head of what she will like to do, and I think for the most part, as it is her gift, we will be doing pretty much everything she wants to do, which is only right.

I know I need to get a Paris City Passport which apparently gives you money off tourist attractions

I imagine that most of what she will want to do, I will want to do anyway, so there is no problem.

Just need to figure a way now how to disguise my English accent and ensure I don’t sound American either, otherwise there could be some very stern looks, and a lot of upset from the locals, which is the last thing I need.

The last thing I am hoping for is lovely weather, it will be so nice to get away and have good weather, the like of which we seem destined this year not to get in London, overcast, dreary, wet

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Ian said...

trois bières si vous plait.

all you need mate.

and of course, le addition si vous plait (the bill please).

"Hey Waiter, do you have frogs legs?"

"Certainly sir"

"Great, then hop over the counter and get me a drink"

you'll be a local in no time..