Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Holiday fast approaching

My summer break, well early summer break this year, is about to happen, as of Saturday morning at 5.30am I will be away for two weeks off to.... Eastern Europe, not the usual sunny climate of a beach and sand, but the cities of the former communist countries and new joiners to the EU.

Checked the weather forecast for the places we are going to - Poprad, Krakow, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna and Prague, and it looks like they are going to be cooler than we are experiencing here in London, which isn't good news, I am so hoping that is going to change, otherwise I might be caught short with mainly summer clothing in my luggage, which I have still yet to pack.

Though there is a good reason for that, simply struggling to get through my OU D317 TMA03 project. This is causing me a nightmare, and the hand in date is the 7th June, but given I will be in Budapest by then, I have to finish it Friday night to send on Saturday morning, boy this is difficult, I am going to be so glad of a break, I really need it. Between my work and my OU, I seem to be losing any time to oneself lately and even getting time with Z is getting more difficult, not exactly good for our relationship I have to say, though I think going to Paris helped.....

Probably be my last entry for a couple of weeks until I get back. Hopefully you will all enjoy good weather here in the UK, and so will I whilst away.


ian said...

10 days Sailing. Majorca. 7 days time.

Eastern Europe? And just what the hell is wrong with Northern California sir?!

(Course, I don't have a roof right now, let alone a spare room!)

Speakers Corner said...

nice one, that sounds like you are going to have a great trip.

I would really like to go back to California, I really enjoyed it in 2003 when I was there last, had a ball. Seem to recall a wedding taking place at the time there too ;o)

Sadly, my dear Z needs a visa to enter the US as she is Slovak, and for some reason the US doesn't seem too keen on them, no idea why, there is only 5 million of them.

Though with the latest news about how the ECJ has decided that data the US wants about each EU visitor is overstepping the mark, I imagine there might be some changes pretty soon anyway.

Z wants to see San Francisco, see the Golden Gate bridge, see the whole place, the pictures I took back in 2003, just added to her desire when she saw them. So it is on the cards, just hoping that the US change their visa policy, especially as Slovakia is part of the EU now.

ian said...

Got your postcards on our return! looks like you had a great time mate ;-)

I had good sailing, bad sunbathing weather and conditions. I suspect next years trip will be back to boys only!

Speakers Corner said...

Glad the postcards arrived, it was a good time. Will be writing it up over the coming days, so much to write about, did so much in such a short space of time, and it feels like it is becoming a novel, but so much to say

Sorry to hear the weather wasn't good for sunbathing, boys only next year, mmmm!

Ian said...

I think it might be, although I've got 2 couples here interested in a B.V.I / Carribean jaunt.

we'll see - house isn't getting any cheaper ;-)