Monday, May 01, 2006

Local Elections

This week on the 4th May, there is the local elections for many parts of the UK, especially in London. Now, as I like to make my comments on politics, I think I will put my two pence worth of attitude.

For those in London, if you wish to know what the make up of your local council is, go to the following.

London local elections 2006

In my local council, I know there is a good chance to remove the local incumbents Labour and stop the rot, well lets rephrase that, lets change the colour of the rot!!!!

In our local area, they have been absolutely a waste a time, major increases in costs, big reduction in services and it never getting better. I have been in this area since I was born and it really has gotten a lot lot worse, especially since 1998 when they took control.

For those of you who feel you have no power, fair enough I can understand that, but this is your one chance to punish those whom have not done as what you felt is right and necessary for the area you are in.

The one thing I would say, is ensure that you do it on the basis of local issues and local behaviour of councillors, not the problems of the national party. That is the main problem with a lot of people, they do tend to want to use the local elections to punish the national parties, but it matters not a jolt to those parties, as those in the national party aren’t affected by the result, they don’t lose their seats.

All I can say is remember on the 4th May, vote, make your say, it is a simple, quick process and you may not feel it has much effect, but without you exercising your feelings and vote, you have no right to complain.


Richard said...

Anyone in Lambeth might want to take a peek at It lets you read and comment on local manifestos and find out whos is standing where.

Speakers Corner said...

that is a good site, thanks for posting that