Wednesday, July 06, 2005

London 2012

Well we won, yippee. Well I say that despite the fact I am going to be paying more council tax each year, and my mind wondering if we can really deliver, given our past experiences with big projects in this country in recent years, overbudget and overtime.

The one us Londoners want most, is a great tube system, one can only hope, the thought in 2012 that with no air conditioning on the tube the tourists will kill us for it, is one of embaressment. So come on, no excuse to get it sorted. 7 years isn't long. Hopefully they can push crossrail to get finished early too.

I am glad they are coming to London, it gives us a chance to show ourselves off, though I wait for all the wisecracks to come about the special events being done in London. I am sure there are plenty of sites up and running already for it....

For the French, commiserations, sorry you lost for the third time. Sour grapes is what we keep hearing, it defies logic, how could it happen, well guess what it, it has, and none of this the IOC is pro Anglo-Saxon gripping is going to change it. Accept it, London pipped you, it was close and we got the prize, and now we will either turn out a great games or go down in history as the worst. We will do one of the extremes, and you can get to London easy enough, plenty of flights, and that thing called Eurostar which is going to be stopping close by, they say.....

Watch the house prices go through the roof now, as the area rebuilds. I wonder how many WW2 bombs they will find.

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