Wednesday, July 06, 2005

One month on

I have been at my workplace for a month now.

It actually feels like a lot longer. Whether that is a good or bad thing, I am not entirely sure. It is hard work, no doubting, so they are getting their money worth. But I think I am getting something in return, one thing I am happy about is the timing of training they have. It was scheduled before I turned up, but because I am part of the software development team, I have to go on it, so brilliant. It is a 3 day course on UML, for the whole development course, which we then will aim to use afterwards to standardise things more, for design and development.

It is taking me a little while to get my head around things again, some things came easier than others, like being able to say, oops I broke that a little too easy, and creating lists of things that work in odd ways. Heck I could have been a tester, but not my enjoyment, though there is a sort of perverse pleasure out of finding things that go wrong, I suppose it goes along with enjoying destroying things, doing DIY which breaks things down, hacking at shrubs because you leave them too long, finding ways to break someones precious computer, drilling holes in the wall, etc.

I am getting there though and now I have the cast removed it is a little easier to do typing, which is why I am back at doing my blog, easier without a cast....

The people there seem nice enough and are easy enough to ask questions of, and to discuss things. I am a quiet person anyway, so it is taking a little longer to get into the usual office ways, I guess keeping your head down, and just trying to figure things out, or just not wanting to involve in the gossip has its pluses, but I think it will come, I hope it will. They do seem a nice enough bunch, and no mega pressure on me yet, which I imagine if I had chosen the investment bank and its 60 hour a week culture I would have felt it, doing 35 hours is a real snub to that environment. Heck I have a life outside work, called the gym, my OU, my Reiki, my Z, all of which are important too. Each to their own though.

I just hope that work continues to be of interest, and I just wish I had a better workplace photo for the id card I have to carry, worst side or what........

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