Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Removal of cast

At last I have the cast removed, what a pain that was, and not an experience I wish to repeat. It is over though, well let me reword that. The wearing of the cast is over, not the hand being back to normal is over. I now have a long long process of rehab. For the next 2 months I can't do any heavy work, so no weights, by the time this is over, it is going to be 6 months plus since I last touched weights.

The wrist looks like an old lady wrist, all withered and wrinkled. It is so damn sore, bloody hurts a lot too. All the physio work I have to do is going to be a slog, but if I don't I won't have my wrist back, and it is draining not being able to do much with it. There goes my wish to get back to normal. At least I can have showers now instead of baths, though Nurse Z has said she will continue to give me baths, so I will keep them as precious time only. Not really having time in the morning for that, with work beckoning.

Fitting the appointments for the NHS around work isn't easy, they don't do much to help those who work at all. They even do normal office hours, at least that would help, cause I do early shift time at work, which helps a lot.

But the main thing is the wrist is up and running now, to an extent and I can be bloody glad with that, and as the wrist gets stronger, then all the chores I haven't done in over 6 weeks I will be able to get back to doing, like cooking, cleaning, ironing, etc, the sad part is I have actually missed doing them, odd I know, but I like having control over my life.

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