Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Aftermath of the London bombing

The good thing is they believe they know who did the bombings, where they came from and that they were also believed to have died in the attack. What and without seeming to show an odd side to this is, that due to delays on the train they were travelling on getting to London, they never managed to carry out their attack as they wished. They were supposed to make London burn North, East, South and West, well to my knowledge, the locations they did hit, certainly don't look like a cross and that is what they wanted to do, show a burning cross. Well boys, and that is what they were really boys, barely adults most of them, it didn't work, and those who you did hit suffered, but London isn't in flames.

The thing I wanted to come onto is this. I travel on the London Underground everyday, as do so many Londoners. Since the attack every single day there are announcements telling people not to leave their luggage unattended, to take all their stuff with them, there are signs, etc. You can't miss it, even if you tried, so why is it, that today just citing one example was the Metropolitan Line suspended 4 times, because of people not heeding the advice they are given. Come on, we have just had a bombing, and people aren't making some effort. Good god, how hard is it to take all your belongings when you leave the train, I don't think it is that hard, forgetting umbrellas, I can more than understand, but bags, please, are people that forgetful and absent minded that they can't do a simple thing like that, surely not.

If we want our system to work properly people have to take some responsibility here and help the system, and actually ensure that items aren't left unattended. I really don't believe it is just tourists, because I don't believe tourists visit West Harrow station, forgive me, but I don't. This requires people having some nonce on them, and actually thinking in the morning, hard for a lot of people it seems, very hard.

London needs to be returning to normal, and not suffering this each and everyday. Come on people wake up, is it that difficult? I don't believe so.....


Ian said...

I left my sunglasses in the Olympic garden club in Vegas this weekend. But then I was, err... distracted :-)

what do you know the tablet finally recognizes my handwriting!

Anonymous said...

Glad I happened onto your blog. Our hearts here in the U.S. go out to you.