Monday, June 06, 2005

First Day

Well, it has happened. Today was my first day in a new position. Boy was it tiring!
I knew that it might shock my system and despite the fact it was more an induction day than anything else and also getting me up and running, I was feeling it by the end of the day and right now I am close to dropping dead despite having a million things to do, thankfully though I am packed and ready for tomorrow's day.

They really do seem a good bunch of people, very helpful so far, and certainly making me feel like that I will enjoy working there, which will be good, as there is nothing worse than going to a place you don't want to go to, and I don't have that.

Too tired to write much else, other than I am glad to be in this place, I think I have got a good bunch of people to work with

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ian said...


are you alive? did they work you too hard?
what of the wrist?