Thursday, July 07, 2005

Today's bombing in London

This is a very sad day. London has been attacked by someone, we believe Islamic terrorists, though not confirmed. 3 bombs were detonated on the underground, one on one of the deepest parts of it, between Kings Cross and Russell Square, another between Aldgate and Liverpool Street, and the other at Edgware Road. One was also detonated on a bus in the Russell Square area, causing the bus to prised open and many dead, though how many unknown.
What is known at the moment is that 37 were killed by the bombs on the tube and an unknown number on the bus, over 700 injured and the talk is of the death toll rising over the next 24/48 hours.

You have to praise the emergency services, they went about their gruesome task with complete professionalism, doing their best to ensure as many as possible were rescued. You also have to praise the underground staff, who did their best to get people out as orderly and as quickly as possible, and lastly to those who were travelling, doing their best to remain as calm as possible given the circumstances, well done.

I was very lucky, my workplace is in West London and by the time it happened I had already been in work for an hour, so I was lucky, coming home was a lot more difficult, and getting to work tomorrow could prove to be an exercise itself, but I can work from home, so am very lucky.

What else can be said that hasn’t been said by everyone else? Well, I will say this, I am not going to curtail my daily life because of some bombings. Yes this is the first time we have had multiples at the same time, but those who have lived in London for over 20 years used to have to suffer the threat of daily bombings from the IRA. We like the Spanish know what it means to be under threat of attack on a daily basis, our mainland has always been a target. So we don’t need lessons in how to deal with this, we got very used to it, the concern our transport system along with other parts of our city under the threat of attack. Despite all of that, still shocked by it, and can only hope that it won’t lead to a curtailment of our rights.

London dealt with the IRA bombings and will come through this as well, it will not stop us.

I have been fortunate today and those I know, and friends of those I know have also been lucky. My thoughts go to those who took the full force of the bombs, and suffered all manner of injuries and death ultimately. May you all rest in peace. We will stand strong against this.


Anonymous said...

I think the term Islamic terrorists (Al_Queda terrorists better) is not appropiate as these fools so blinded by hate do this in the name of religon. They don't represent Islam in much the same way as Timothy McVeigh did not represent Christianity when he bombed the oklahoma buidling. I didn't see anyone claim Christian Terrorist then

raim said...

Sorry for your loss, and i wanted to express my deepest sympathies.
I’ve a cartoon for you.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for someone IN London to tell how things were there. I found your blog by chance.

I kept reading and found your posting about Reiki. They teach Reiki at College??? I paid $110 dollars for my Reiki 2 attunement here in the US. And as you, I am not sure if it works or not, but my hands warm up!

Why were you using a cast? Have you tried yoga? I am a yoga instructor and even if you cannot move too much, a good breathing exercises will make wonders! Same as with Reiki, try it to believe it!

Thanks for posting about the REAL life in London.
My heart goes to all Londoners today.

Speakers Corner said...

Thanks to all who have posted. Good to hear others thoughts.

As for some of what has been left as comments, let me say, that yes the terrorists don't respresent Islam as such, but they claim they do, so you can only go by their word. But they are known to be extremist, and most people know that Islamic people are generally peace loving people.
It is still unknown as to who did it, and though the group claims they did it, we can't be sure.
All we do know is that, whatever term they want to attach to themselves, they are using in their mind religion as the basis for it.

What we do know is this, London was bombed, London will survive this, we have before, we beat the terrorists before, and will do so again, and in time London will in its usual way, shrug off the bombing the best it can, and get back to being London again where people rarely talk to each other on the tube!

Thanks for the picture raim, thanks for your thoughts.

The Reiki is taught at college, depends where you go, but some are better than others. You paid about the same as most people here do, I just have special concessions with it being disabled. I will write up more on the Reiki 2 at some point.

I had a cast because I broke my wrist, and without knowing it also ripped up the ligament and cartilege as well, so nasty. Thankfully healing slowly now, cast is gone, a week and counting...
I did yoga in the past, quite hard to do for me, because being told to relax, listen to my voice with background music as well, can't do all three. Being profoundly deaf, means I have to concentrate to hear, so a bummer really. Only on one occassion did it work, but that was where there was no noise, just the voice of the teacher, and I fell asleep. I have tried Autogenic training which has similarities to Yoga in the breathing and relaxation, it worked for a bit, but then stopped. I think I need more practice.

How long have you been doing yoga for?

Thanks all who visited this page for what happened in London, hopefully they will recover all the bodies, though it is very hard work and the emergency services have to praised for all they have done.