Monday, April 17, 2006

Hostel – The Movie

I watched this the other night, and I have got to say what a complete and utter waste of my time. The movie was devoid of a plot, and with Tarantino lending his name to it, I thought it might be much better than it was.

The basic premise for the movie was that 3 lads are in Amsterdam and they want to get laid, they meet a bloke who suggests going to a place where they will get laid with extreme ease. This place is Slovakia. And from there it just descends from bad to worse and even worse.

It wasn’t even filmed in Slovakia, which is funny, given it was filmed in the Czech Republic, and as Slovakia is next door, and possibly cheaper to do the shots in, you would have thought they would get that right….

I have heard the Slovaks are extremely pissed at this movie, as it shows them in a light of being people who murder foreigners, only want to have sex with foreigners so that they can be killed, and are happy to have people disappear within the country.

Well, I can understand their point, but we English are always seen as the villain of the piece, so there we go, we English are always seen as the fools, never the heroes in movies anymore.

But all of this digresses from the point of the movie, well it doesn’t have a point, not something I would ever recommend someone to watch, and all the reviews saying plenty of blood and gore, well that is true, would have been nice if they pointed out it had no bloody plot. Maybe I am turning into one of those grumpy old men on the BBC2 show, where I expect something of the movie.

Ah well, not a movie to recommend and best to save your money and spend it on something much much better.

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