Saturday, April 01, 2006

Budget response by me

I am not political in any sense, well not attached to a party that is for sure

This budget has actually left me worse off, fantastic, those who suffer are single people who earn what might be termed as a reasonable amount, well in London it is far from reasonable, but that is another issue.

Budget impact breakdown

Has The Budget Made You Richer? – Not in my case!!!

From this I would like to know how it is that the “middle class” is yet again burdening the pain of increased tax, whilst those who are just a little better off, whether by their own means or not, are not shouldering an equal amount of pain. This budget had nothing in it to ensure that things can get better, the health service was left to flounder, which under recent headlines is going to continue in ever increasing fashion and which for people like myself is scary reading. The NHS should be there as preventative medicine, ensuring that people don’t fall ill where possible, or if they do, ensure it is caught early on, so that people suffer less and thus by suffering less you actually make the NHS cheaper to run, a novel idea I must admit, but one that has plenty of validity.

This article here shows more about the NHS and the problems - Regaining values of the NHS

But back to the budget, this budget was one of so many missed opportunities, nothing on health, nothing on transport, more on education, just ideals, nothing concrete, and why does it cost so much more to educate in the public sector than it does in the private sector which pays it staff considerably more than the public sector? Conundrum, I believe that will never be solved.

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Quote: I am not political in any sense..

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