Saturday, April 01, 2006

Drivers in London, why so many traffic jams.

I think I finally figured out why there are so many traffic jams for drivers especially on the main days of the working week. It is because there are so many moronic drivers out there. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not anti car, I am just anti-morons!!

To give a simple example – To and from my workplace which I travel each and every working day of the week, I take the tube to west London, and then a bus for the final part of the journey, this bus only has to travel about a distance which in walking takes about 20 minutes or so, so give or take a mile or so.

But the smart drivers of London ensure that a journey that should take at most maybe 5 minutes or there about, takes 2 or 3 times as long simply because they don’t understand the highway code, and thus cause major traffic jams and wonder why they get nowhere, because so many others behave as they do.

In this country a box at a junction means you can’t enter unless you can exit that box, quite simple thing to know and quite simple to remember as well. Well so you would think, uh uh, not so it seems, there are so many drivers who drive through west London, towards the hanger lane, whom drive across the junction and yet seem unable to see the box junction clearly marked beneath them and then wonder why there is no flowing of traffic at all, because all their fellow drivers behave in the same fashion meaning that when the lights go from red to green those with the green light, can’t move because of moronic drivers.

I am stunned at just how few people understand even the basics of highway law, but then I am also one of those people who wouldn’t drive whilst talking on a mobile phone which is illegal and carries the penalty of a fine in this country, but most people seem happy to take the risk of the fine, which clearly means the fine isn’t high enough. So maybe the fine should be more intune with the dangers that come with driving whilst talking on a mobile phone in your hands. It is very easy to not be paying attention to the road and kill someone when you are driving along with a mobile phone in your hand and be having a conversation with someone. So if the fine was more intune with the fact it was dangerous driving and grounds of driving without due care and attention, maybe more people would not use their phones whilst driving.

As I say I am not anti-car, just anti-morons, and the sooner some of them are removed from the gene pool the better this world will get.

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