Monday, April 03, 2006

Depeche Mode @ Wembley 2nd April 2006

Well I have to say, this was really good.

At first I was concerned, the support band in my view were useless, didn't think much of The Bravery to be honest, and the sound system sounded awful when they were playing, no idea why, but it did. Thankfully it did get better, but Wembley in their eyes obviously think that those further back than midway aren't interested in hearing so much as those upfront.

Depeche Mode put on a fantastic show, Dave as ever, the showman at the front of the band, and opening with the first two tracks of Playing the Angel album, was great start. The stage looked great, very good idea with the screens behind showing what was going on the stage, as well as playing clips of other things too.

Martin got to do more singing than normal, and sung some great songs, it seems they are agreeing to have more time with them sharing roles much more now. He came on wearing black wings attached to his back, and feathered hat, quite a look.....

Depeche Mode opened the Arena basically, as they are the first band since the refurbishment, and they did such a great job. I actually felt quite young for once, Z felt even younger, the majority of the fans were as old as Depeche Mode themselves. Suprisingly it wasn't sold out, which I didn't expect.

They played a lot of the classics - Personal Jesus, Enjoy the Silence, Just Can't get enough, the full setlist is here

SetList from the night

Very glad I went, Z got to see them for the first time, she prefered the older stuff to the newer stuff, I think for her everything after Violater isn't her taste, which is fine, me, I just enjoyed the whole show, and the whole visuals was so well done.

Here are pictures from the tour, but not Wembley but pretty much similar to what I saw last night

Overall, a really good night, so anyone going tonight can expect to really enjoy themselves, and any Mode fans who are going will enjoy the setlist.


MattR said...

Nice review - glad you enjoyed it as well! Where did you sit, we were at the back, but it didn't spoil a fact the visuals were huge, so I think being a bit further back helped.

Speakers Corner said...

We were in the first block of seats on the floor, row 2, section d3, so as close as could be on the floor section.

The visuals were great, my girlfriend took so many pictures and videos, used up 512Mb of memory card.

They really proved their worth though, and so glad I went.