Saturday, September 03, 2005

New Housemate Update

Well it has been nearly a week now since Z has moved in, and a lot has happened in a week. I am quite tired, not just due to Z moving in, but that has a hand in it, and I will leave your own imaginations as to why.

I have less space of course, though Z has taken things out of the bathroom now, as she was concerned she was taking over, not at all, but there is a good balance there.

It has been a hectic week for Z, getting everything sorted out for the upcoming course she is on next week, a lot of pre-course work to be done as well as a lot of learning too, so poor Z will be spending the coming week continuing to do her learning whilst I try and crack on with my OU studies.

I am glad Z is here, it makes a good difference, and with my stressed out week, nice to come home to as well, a little bit of relaxation, well as much as I can relax given my general nature which tends to be on tender hooks a lot. I am sure that is aging ones body at a rate that it shouldn’t, but cram things in why not????

Still getting use to the idea of someone being in the house with me, not happened in so long, and it still seems odd that Z is here when I get home, pleasantly odd, but still odd. For the first couple of days, I was expecting her to disappear and go somewhere else, which was always the way in the past when she was in her last role, and thus we would get maybe two days or nights at most, or get called away, and so I was expecting it to happen again, thankfully it hasn’t.

I am looking forward to how things will go and I already know that there are some things that we will do together in the upcoming weeks and months, and it feel good to be sharing the time with her.

Plenty more will follow in the adventures of me and Z that I am confident of.

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