Saturday, September 03, 2005

More bad news re the governments benefits system

In this weeks computing there was more bad news on the benefits system which I wrote about recently. This is just more fuel on the fire at just how stupid and inept the government are at handling IT systems, and implementing them.

What makes this situation worse is that, the government won’t let the National Audit Office make sure these signed contracts ensure the people of the country get good systems, and good value for money, and then we end up with more and more horror stories like this which could easily be avoided, by either, having in house teams develop the projects, which in the long term would save the government a lot of money, or they could which would be a wise thing, penalise these overpaid consultants and companies when they get it wrong.

If a company says they will deliver a system on a certain date, and to a certain spec, and then it all goes belly up, well in most private businesses you either don’t pay the company, or you penalise them in some way, yet all our government does is throw more money at it, and not hold to account the companies that don’t do what they sign up to do. In this case it is EDS, whom are not meeting the targets and aren't being penalised for it.

Benefits system slammed

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