Saturday, September 03, 2005

London eye judicial review

At the moment, the high courts are going to be asked to sort out a mess which is easily a farce, and shows the ugliness of one man’s attitude to London. This man is Lord Hollick and what makes this story even more fun in terms of politics is that, this moron, and I use the word with ease, is a Labour man, a man who was instilled into his current position by the current Labour government. This same government who can and should be doing something about the farcical situation down at the London eye, are sitting on their hands, and have washed their hands of it, despite the fact that it is basically the most popular attraction in London, it has become iconic on our landscape, and the thing is in serious debt, and because of Lord Hollick, it continues to suffer this debt, because of his ludicrous demands of an annual rent of £2.5 million a year for a piece of land that is only big enough for one leg of the wheel to be positioned, that is it, nothing more.

London Eye rent row heads to the High Court

Hollick speaks out on London Eye rent

These stories show the attitude of the man, and I do so so hope that he doesn’t end up forcing an iconic structure on our landscape to be lost, simply because he is being a money grabbing moron. He fails to account in his sums just how much money the area is gaining from the eye being there, and that includes the SBC, which has seen its turnover increase ever since the eye has been running. Talk about short sightedness.

Sadly this is going to run and run, and all the while, the eye continues to be weighed down more and more by a debt, which never should have happened, and this stupid idiot Lord Hollick wants to make it worse, you have to ask what gives.

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