Saturday, September 03, 2005

London Underground getting something right…..

Yep, shock and horror, I know it is amazing, but in this weeks computing there is an example of how systems can be developed properly and lead to much improved processes and efficiencies gained as well

Metronet reaches a milestone in tube modernisation programme

I was amazed, one of the PPP companies, in this case – Metronet, have actually made savings and will supposedly make maintenance of the trains, rails, stations, etc much much better. I will hold on to see if this really happens, but I have to congratulate them for at least trying to condense the wide variety of systems that they inherited into a single system which makes it easier to find out the current health of the system. This is a good example of how things can be done correctly.

This shows some of the history prior to reaching this point.

IT takes the tube into 21st century

£150m upgrade to Underground

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