Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Pixmania complaint update

The latest in this saga is that after a long long time, we finally have a camera that works. Now admittedly it isn’t the same camera we started out with, but it works and it is brand spanking new as well.

The gist of the situation is that after many emails back and to, we finally got offered a voucher to purchase a new camera with Pixmania. My initial reaction was, mmm, not sure about this, can I trust them, can we be sure the camera will be as good as the one we have, will it arrive as they said.

Well, it arrived as they said it would, which was the first surprise. The camera doesn’t quite have as good a zoom as the previous one, but the camera more than does the job, plus it being new, we will have at least something that seems to be working, and so far the use of the camera suggests that it does. Trying to get the old one repaired I think would have been an eternal nightmare.

Now the only issue is to get the difference in the cost between the voucher and what we had to pay, which was less than £15, but this is a point of principle here and so we will keep going and get it refunded. £15 is £15 and it is only right they pay for the whole replacement, not just part of it, as they agreed to cover the whole cost, and the p&p would also be paid, an email stating that we have, so we will hold them to it.

What this shows is, that with constant pressure and persistence, you can get it resolved, can, it might take a lot of damn energy to do so, and annoyance, but you have to keep at it. So those who have suffered, don’t stop, keep going, bring them to task for it, make them aware, do all you can to get it done.

After all of this, if and when we get the difference in cost refunded, we will be happy, annoyed we had to go through this, but glad to put it behind us and get on with other things than chasing up a company that still hasn’t succeeded in getting their processes sorted out, making sure customers are happy, and giving customers an easy to get hold of someone who will do the job and make it their job to get matters resolved, instead of having to bring in other parties to ensure something is done.

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