Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all those who read this blog. I hope you all had a lovely time out celebrating the start of 2006, and the year has started well for you all.

I know of one family who are celebrating a new arrival for the New Year, so congrats to them on their little one.

I also know of another family who will start the New Year with the loss of one of their members, and my heart goes out to them as well.

My plans for the new year changed at the last minute, in part because of the strike on the underground, though it never materialised, with only 31 stations not open, so big strike that was, and to top it off, Bob Crow thought it best to be in Egypt on holiday instead of trying to resolve this strike situation. A situation which I might add they have caused themselves. Plus there is another one on the 8th January, oh joy…

In the end, we went to a friend of Z’s for the night, until about 2.30am, having a laugh and a good time. I seriously need to learn Slovak and Czech, because there was so much not in a language I understood. I can at least learn Slovak now, as one of the presents I got for Xmas was a learn basic Slovak, so I need to get cracking, especially with a trip to Slovakia at the end of the month looming fast.

2006 has started well for me, I have a good job, a lovely partner, at least two trips for holidays already in plan or being taken, with more to come. Slovakia I will see twice – Jan and June, will also head around part of Eastern Europe when the world cup is on, so hopefully it will be less packed. I knew there was a good reason not to enjoy football ;o)

So enjoy 2006, celebrate it with style and fun, and may it bring you all a great time, with plenty of love, happiness and great memories.

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