Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pixmania update

More Pixmania stuff

Seen more places of complaints against this company, I am struck by how hard it is to find a good word about them.

The following will make happy reading for many who have suffered Pixmania, I did a little jig around the room when I read this

Breach of UK law

All I can say is about bloody time Trading Standards.

Another person’s sites I found, this one comes straight to the point, and I am so glad to see this site and I hope this site gets high enough up the listing so that when someone searches for Pixmania they find it at number one in the list.

Buyer Beware

Realm of Dobermann

Even more examples of the screwed up attitude of Pixmania, and not just in the UK

This will run and run for the company and I do hope there is a big public flogging of them, the least they deserve for doing all they have done. Maybe it is about time BBC Watchdog had them on to explain themselves, but knowing Pixmania they would just refuse to comment.

In my situation, they have finally relented after being badgered by IMRG, so thank you to them, and they have taken the camera back to actually fix it this time, well so they say, it went yesterday, and now we have to hope they actually bother to sort it out. The number of times things have gone wrong, and how often their words are empty promises, means I am on hold, in the hope that maybe after 3 months it might finally be resolved, though no thanks to them themselves, but due to the pressure of myself and IMRG.

Sadly the item is still in transit according to the UPS website, which isn’t good news to say the least, especially as UPS left it to the last minute to pick it up, 5 minutes to 5pm, mmmm, urgent wasn’t it!!

Now all we can do is sit and wait and hope they actually get it and then do as they said they were going to do, which is fix the bloody camera, which is want we asked for 3 months ago.

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