Monday, November 21, 2005

Playing Badminton

Yesterday for the first time in I am guessing 3 years, I played a game of badminton, today, all I can say is ouch.

Me and Z decided as we both like badminton and though we both hadn't played in some time it would be a good thing to do together and also a chance for the pair of us to get fit and healthy, well healthier and fitter, we aren't too bad, despite the fact I seem to be carring an extra load these days around my gut area.

1 hour of badminton, it wasn't too bad for me, I managed to do quite well, sweating a great deal mind, but still doing a good game, poor Z was run around the court quite a lot, and I am so glad we didn't play for points, poor love might have been a little pissed with me if we had. I was honest in saying I wasn't very good and hadn't played in a long time, but it came back to me reasonably quickly. One thing I will say about Z, she can hit the shuttlecock very hard and if she can get some direction on it more often, I know I will be staring the shuttlecock in the face more often.

Z is very sore today, she aches all over, poor love. She is really feeling it, hopefully it won't put her off doing it again, as we both really enjoyed it, as we should do. I think we both probably needed to stretch a little more than we did, but still a great hour of running around and making ourselves absolutely knackered.

It was on the way back from the game, I felt it in my legs and Z felt it once we got back to the house, so well worth it though.

Wrist held up reasonably well, a little tender and sore today, but they said to hold off for a few months before playing the game, but hopefully now it will get used to the wrist action you have to use in badminton, better do, cause my game depends on a flick of the wrist.

Long overdue we both agreed and hopefully we can sort our schedules out again soon and get another game, this time maybe I will keep score, though I have to be careful.

Maybe me and Z can find other sports we both like and do more, exercising with another really makes a difference and a lot easier to do it as well.

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