Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Here comes Christmas

How do I know it is coming, well here is a little clue, the date for one, but more real pointers include the mass of Christmas songs in the shops, on the radio, etc.

So now we are hearing the likes of Slade, Wizzard, Paul McCartney, Cliff Richard, Jona Lewie, Pogues, just to mention a few. If anyone knows UK music and can name the tracks attributed to the above, be interesting to know.

I know poor Z has to suffer these and much more at Selfridges at the moment and I am sure by the end of it she will cringe more and more when Slade and others come up again. Just thankful I haven’t seen anyone do a Noddy yet and scream it’s Christmas, but it is early days.

I had a brain bypass at the weekend and decided to go shopping, and on Oxford street as well, I know I must have been nuts, but I was looking for a present for Z, which I failed spectacularly to find, such a bummer too. But I swear, the place was more packed than normal and just seeing places like Selfridges jammed packed, and seeing people hand over credit cards so easily, makes me think that there is going to be a serious financial hangover come New Year.

This year is going to be a low key Christmas for me, certainly different plans than I had originally expected, Z is going to be here for one, which is going to be great for me, as it was so unexpected, but the main reason she is, is because she is working Boxing day, which is a shame for her. Plus family situation also means it just won’t be a big deal made of it, I think we will be grateful to be around and have some time together.


Klite said...

here it is merry xmas
i wish it could xmas everday
xmas carol or whatever puke macca comes up with
mistletoe and wine
stop the cavalry - classic !
lets get pissed its xmas

these can't be as bad as "grandama we love you"!!!

Speakers Corner said...

that last track you mentioned, grandma we love you. Who was the record company who allowed such drivel out. Enough to make you want to throw something at the TV.

Runs alongside, bob the builder, mr.blobby and many many other nightmares of Christmas song