Friday, June 03, 2005

Operation - Update

Well today I had the original semi cast they had put on, one that was so damn loose it was causing more pain than should have been possible.

I also found out exactly what work had been done, which is very nice of them, it seems they didn’t need to put pins in the end, which is a relief as that technically would have restricted the movement slightly. It seems that they sutured the ligament which had in the original fracture/breakage come away and they reattached the ligament so now in theory it will get better, but right now, it hurts, I have barely any movement in the wrist up and down, left and right, I can move my fingers a little which is how I am trying to type right now and apparently it is good for my wrist to use it as much as I can to help stem the muscle wastage and to lay the groundwork for making the physio easier, quicker and more complete.

So for the next four weeks I am still with a cast, meaning no showers, I have to keep the cast dry which of course affects what I can do, so for another four weeks I am going to be dependant on others and there is nothing I hate more than that, relying on others to help me with the most basic of tasks, like cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. Yes as a man, you would think I would revel in the fact I will have others helping me, not a chance, too bloody independent minded for that. Whilst it is nice for others to assist, I do like my independence and not relying on others, and only having myself to deal with and knowing if there is a problem or a cock-up I am solely responsible. I sound a damn ungrateful bugger, but I am very grateful, just wish I wasn’t so restricted.

At least I can ask Z to wear the nurses uniform if I could find one for her ;o))

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