Friday, April 06, 2007

OU DD303

This course is my final course on my BSc Psychology, so with any luck I will be walking away in November of this year with another degree to my name, to add to the BSc Software Engineering I have back from 1995.

When you look at the two degrees, they really don't have anything in common, and are from wildly different areas of life.

I still think that in the future I might use my BSc Psychology in practice, but I think for the time being that will be on the back burner.

This course DD303 is a cognitive psychology course, lots of stats, lots of SPSS, which don't really interest me that much and so far I am finding the course like treading through treacle, bloody difficult.

By the end of the year I will be taking a break before embarking on more studies.

I found out that to go any further with Psychology one needs an MSc, which means more money and lo and behold not something I have much of to be honest. I also found out that the MSc for Psychology is more expensive than for Computers. So in my desire to upgrade my taught skills to a higher level, I will embark when I get the money and that could be a way off at the moment on doing an MSc in Computers. All to help me further ones career and skills.

So if anyone finds a spare £5K lying around, I would happily take receipt of for you and put it to good use ;o))


Anonymous said...

why do you imagine anyone is remotely interested in what you have done or what you have to say?

Anonymous said...

A chip?? Why is anyone interested in what anyone has done or what anyone has to say??? You are not obliged to take interest.