Friday, April 06, 2007

Online Focus group

Last Sunday I for the first time did an online focus group. It was an odd experience to say the least. I got paid of course, which is always a good thing, but it was certainly very different to anything I had done before and you certainly get very different views on a single subject, which surprised me, though with me doing a psychology degree, I shouldn't be that surprised.

It started late for those who arrived late, there is always one or two, or three in this case....

We were asked about a supermarket and their marketing and how believable, etc we found it. Oddly enough most of us were very cynical in what we were reading to start with, by the end though; most had changed their position and were believing more. Though whether that translates to more sales for this particular supermarket who knows.

I will do it again, it wasn't too bad, and for the reward I got, worth it. An hour or so of my time and an hour I possibly wouldn't have been productive doing anything else, so why not.

If you get offered the chance and can do these things, do it, even if you only do it once, it is worth it

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