Friday, April 06, 2007

Flamenco Dance Lesson

Tonight I am going to a flamenco dance lesson.

This is going to ensure hilarity, especially for Z, as she has never seen me dance. I have done very well to keep my lack of dance skills hidden for a long time, but after prodding and finding that Z would like to really do something like flamenco or salsa, I found a place that is offering a free lesson tonight, so we are off on Good Friday to have a nice time out. Well I am hoping that is the case, I know with my two left feet and knobbly knees, I am unlikely to win any prizes for dancing.

I am hoping the place holding the dance lesson will be able to take my rendition of what I am being taught, without kicking me out, or laughing so hard.

I am not sure what Z is expecting from me, I have warned Z that I am not classed as a dancer in any manner or form, and that to expect so would be to lead to disappointment.

I guess by tomorrow we will know whether I can show my face in public again or have to hang my head in shame because of my two left feet.


Ian said...

So? Were you flaming terrible?

sorry, couldn't resist the obvious..

Speakers Corner said...

I was flaming terrible.....

According to Z, I was wooden on the dancefloor

Picture it if you can, there are 50 people or so, in a room the size of the average living room or there about, and you have two teachers trying to teach some flamenco. As you can imagine it let to flying arms, clashing bodies, stepped on toes, etc, etc.

I think I was so bad, one of the teachers took pity on me, when she came round to check people, she told Z not to have a go at me as I was doing it wrong clearly.

You know you are bad when a teacher takes pity on you.....

It was a laugh, that it was, if I ever need lessons, I would be better to have one on one, as at least that way I can keep up and not be distracted by others until I get good enough to know the moves myself.

If you ever get the opportunity to do it for free, which is what we had, it is worth it for a laugh

Anonymous said...

Ole with all that dancing magic, the charming way "La bailaora Flamenca" goes with all her detailed Flamenco costume, with her magic taping flamenco dance shoes and her arrogance.

It's just the starting ponit of Flamenco`s Passion.